Cloakrooms Bathroom


Your guests will love it.

Cloakrooms may be small in size but that doesn't mean they need to be small in design.

We can create the perfect cloakroom bathroom for your home which is highly practical but also a space that you can be proud of for your guests to use. 

Cloakroom bathrooms are the perfect addition to any home whilst also adding value to the property of your home.



Monetary Value

Add value to your property with adding a downstairs bathroom to your home.

Mobility Issues

Anyone with mobility issues will benefit from having the ease of using a cloakroom bathroom.

No More Morning Arguments

Does your household have fights every morning over the bathroom? Have a house of harmony with the installation of a cloakroom.

Attractive to Guests

Homes with regular visitors to their home can greatly benefit from investing in a cloakroom bathroom, with guests no longer having to go all through your home to find the bathroom.

Things To Consider:

Investing In a Cloakroom.

Cloakrooms are a fantastic investment and an amazing way to utilise space however there are a few checks that need to be carried out in your home to ensure that the space in your home is suitable to have a cloakroom installed:

  • Is there any windows in the room that you wish to have a cloakroom installed? If not you may need to think about bathroom extractor fans for ventilation.
  • Double check your homes building regulations about cloakroom installations to check if you need planning permission.
  • Is the space large enough for the cloakroom to be used easily?