En-Suite Bathrooms


Relax & unwind.

En-suite bathrooms are a fantastic addition to any home as they are highly convenient and give you that much needed privacy to relax and unwind.

No matter the size of your en-suite bathroom make the space your own by creating a space which is your very own retreat.

Your en-suites is likely smaller than your traditional bathroom however with innovative design we can utilise the space to get the most out of the space with smart storage space.


Small Bathroom Utilisation.

Small bathrooms and en-suites are the ultimate choice for your home- whatever the size. Any bathroom size can be transformed into your perfect personal space that can be designed to your exact taste and requirements. An en-suite bathroom created by Signature Bathrooms Scotland will be purpose built therefor you can decide every last detail from tiles to towel rail, allowing you to create the perfect space which would allow you to unwind and relax. Create the perfect tranquil space to match your personality and personality; from lighting to final finishing touches every last detail can be chosen exactly to your taste.



If your en-suite does not have windows then it can often feel cramped and dark. To create the idea of space within your en-suite utilise with lighting and fixtures.

In a small bathroom or en-suite it can be difficult to bring your style through, why not focus on added extras and finishing touches to allow the style of you and your home to flow throughout.