Mobility Bathrooms


Tailored to you.

Mobility bathrooms are a fantastic addition to any home that wants to have a contemporary space which utilises space. 

Our mobility bathrooms are uniquely designed allowing us to tailor every aspect to each individuals needs ensuring that we create a comfortable and safe space for everyone to use.

Wet rooms are a hassle free solution which it can be cleaned effortforselly 

Not only are mobility bathrooms highly practical spaces which aid and assist individuals they can also look fantastic with the design being uniquely created to your preferences.

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Walk In Showers.

Walk in showers are the perfect addition to homes who are looking to increase the size of space they have to shower. With limited mobility traditional showers can feel restrictive and cramped, whereas our walk in showers are specifically designed to not only create a more open and comfortable space but also created with a low base tray which allows individuals to safely shower without having to worry about tripping when entering or exiting the shower.

There are many features which can be added or altered such as a seat can be added into your walk in shower to make you more comfortable.

If you wish to have a custom-designed mobility bathroom in Edinburgh and central Scotland contact us today.

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Walk In Baths.

Our specialised team can help design and create a space which incorporates all your requirements yet still creates a space which is calming. Walk in baths are the perfect solution for your home as they are available in a wide variety or sizes and shapes which allows them to fit in a typical bathroom.

There are many features which can be added or altered with walk in baths allowing you to specifically choose which meets your requirements specifically. You have the option of adding a chair for extra comfort in your walk in bath and choose your preference of your mobility bath door swinging inward or outward-whichever is easiest for you.





• Mobility bathrooms are fantastic additions to homes as they give individuals the opportunity to relax and de-stress whilst knowing that they are completely safe. 

• Mobility bathrooms can be designed and tailored not only to your exact needs but also to your exact style which means the possibilities are endless and allows you to create the perfect space and environment, just for you.

• At Signature Bathrooms we understand how difficult it can be when choosing a mobility bathroom which will meet your exact requirements that is why we strive to ensure that we make the process as smooth as possible. Our experts have years of experience installing mobility bathrooms so we can guide and advise on what we believe is the best equipment for your mobility bathroom based on your requirements.