Wet Room Bathrooms


Highly functional.

Not only are wet rooms a highly functional space but they can also create a luxurious space which can act as the ultimate retreat. 

Wet rooms are a fantastic addition to every home and are a safe space especially for children, elderly and individuals with mobility problems.

Wet rooms are open shower areas that can be installed into any size of bathroom so are particularly sought after for bathrooms where a traditional bath or shower cannot fit.


Benefits Of a Wet Room.


  • Highly practical and safe for the whole family.
  • As a wet room is one level it is easily accessible and a seat can be installed if required.
  • The tiles installed in your wet room shower are specifically non slip.


  • Extremely stylish and a fantastic addition to modern bathrooms.
  • With floor to ceiling tiles it creates a perfect yet simplistic area.


  • Wet rooms can add monetary value to your home with stylish and modern fixtures.


  • Wet rooms are fantastic for winter mornings as underfloor heating can be installed if desired.
  • Installations of wet rooms is not as complicated and time consuming as you may anticipate however always leave it to the professionals to install safely.

Low Maintenance

  • With an open plan space and no shower screen means that there is minimalist cleaning.
  • Wet rooms are fully waterproof so no need to worry about leaks or mould.


Ultimate Relaxation

  • A wet room allows you to have the perfect retreat to relax and unwind after a long day.